2 Broke Girls: Laughing And Not Yet Broken


Meet the new series that is making me laugh out loud. That up there are two of the sassiest and wittiest 2 broke girls to serve as inspiration for us-working-20-somethings who are, er, broke.

Here’s why the show works:

  1. It is short, literally. The show runs for 30 mins or so. Because it’s short, people’s faces don’t fed me up.  Punch lines were concise, straightforward, and fast-paced you won’t even know what hit you.
  1. Max (Kat Dennings) had that sarcastic boho vibe that is both charming and annoying. She was sarcastic, street-wise, and witty. Nothing gets past her, and no one can bring her down. Always working, this woman treats a whole day in a bathtub lounging around doing nothing the best luxury. Anti-cheesy and anti-showy, Max hates cheesiness and don’t tell you she loves you. She just does amazing things for you.
  1. I think I would hate the too-fragile-she-needed-someone-else-to-take-care-of her Caroline (Beth Behrs), the former filthy rich girl now penniless and homeless waitress. She was ridiculously too high-maintenance for our taste, and therefore hateable. But then she proceeded to prove us all wrong. Momentarily losing her footing, she eventually showed that she was one hell of a strong woman, though in a charming and sweet way. The woman, apparently, was grossly underemployed because she has a mind capable of running a Fortune 500 company. She was a breath of fresh air, the source of happiness, the antidote to Max’s sometimes dark mood. Plus, very few daughters could bounce back from such a tragedy, accepting gracefully the punishment for her father’s wrongdoing and yet somehow managing to still love him, flawed as he is. She was capable of all shades of love, and that’s amazing.

  2. Max and Caroline’s chemistry was perfect. They finished each other’s sentences, understand each other’s frowns and glances, and fight like two sisters separated at birth. Were they acting? I almost didn’t notice.

  3. This show exhibits two losers constantly tested by circumstances. And yet they managed to survive. These are two losers doing something real and productive and meaningful about their lives. Chasing after a dream, stubbornly, insistently. The cupcake business is that tantalizing dream that is dangling right in front of them, and so they kept at it. And they were having fun while they were at it. Did I say they were losers? My bad, I don’t think they were.

Here’s why it might now work for you:

  1. The humor heavily relies on sexual innuendo. Turn it down a notch 2 Broke Girls. Really, Oleg and Sophie could find something better to do with their airtime (though Sophie was quite sassy).
  2. Is that a joke they toss at their Korean boss? Because it looked very much like a racial slur. Not cool.

  3. Johnny broke Max’s heart. And he painted the sweetest painting that I almost felt bad that he was a jerk. Oops, I think this belonged at the top. This is also one of the show’s charms, its ability to tell uncanny realities and painful truths.

2 Broke Girls is an American Sitcom airing in CBS Network.