Review: The Idle Mermaid Ep 02


Title: The Idle Mermaid/Surplus Princess/The Mermaid

Cast: Jo Bo-ahOn Joo-wanSong Jae-rimPark Ji-sooAhn Gil-kangKim Seul-gieKim Min-kyoNam Joo-hyuk, Lee Sun-kyu

Cool quote: “This too shall pass. Every hard moment will flow past, like the river.“



 Episode 2 took us back to 5 hours before Princess Aileen’s (Jo Bo-ah) transformation took place. A bizarre creature in the middle of the Han River, we saw her fearing that she’ll be seen by humans and captured in her pursuit of the magic potion. But the stubborn half-fish shrugged it off and continued to stalk Ahn Man Nyeo (Ahn Gil-kang). She was determined to attend the party that Shi Kyung (Song Jae-rim) was throwing, damn the consequences.

Meanwhile, Hyun Mung (On Joo-wan) was nervously sitting in the interview as he waited for his turn to be grilled by what he wished would be his future employers. But his nervousness was for nothing. Rejected (again) because he majored in art, he was turned down before he even had a chance to speak for himself. Here we saw the struggle of an artistic person finding a place for himself, of finding a good work to support himself when art is slowly becoming useless and worthless in this modern society. Poor Hyun Mung went out disappointed and broken-hearted.


Shi Kyung and Jin Ah (Park Ji-soo), on the contrary, seemed to be the only characters that are in their best element. The party they are preparing is gearing up to be a fantastic and cool party. Also, we noticed Shi Kyung being very GGSS, gwapong gwapo sa sarili. Although in all fairness, he is handsome so he actually had quite the right to be GGSS. Also, here we realize that he was looking for the person that saved him from the Han River. He probably couldn’t keep that kiss away from his mind.

Unlucky Encounter



In a serendipitous way that truly defines a drama, the two characters of the story find themselves thrown into a ridiculous situation. While Hyun Mung was busy drowning his sorrows in alcohol by the Han River, Aileen landed next to his spot. There wasn’t anything wrong with it, except Princess Aileen’s newly transformed lower-half was naked from the way down!

There was a moment of awkward silence, as Hyun Mung stared at Aileen’s quite confusedly. He wasn’t really peeping, but a guy’s got to see, I guess. And Aileen, realizing too late, landed a punch into Hyun Mung’s confused staring Knocking Hyun Mung down, Aileen proceeded to strip him down in an attempt to borrow his clothes to cover herself. At that exact moment, several ahjummas (middle-aged ladies) came walking in and concluded the worst of Hyun Mung!

Hyun Mung’s friends were also quite worried about Hyun Mung, and the boys take it up within themselves to alert Jin Ah in an attempt to knock some pragramatic sense into him. What they hadn’t foreseen was the chaos it will bring in Hyun Mung’s life. Adding insult to injury, Jin Ah walked in them at that exact moment. What else could she thought of? In that exact spot, she breaks up with Hyun Mung. That’s twice the broken-heartedness for Hyun Mung in a span of one day.

Party to Remember




Ahn Man Nyeo rescued Aileen from the commotion. The girl, apparently too happy to be able to gain her legs and happily ignorant of Hyun Mung’s pain stubbornly insisted to attend the party to meet up with Shi Kyung.

In the party, what she thought was going to be a happy ending didn’t quite happen. What she thought would be a happy reunion between lovers, in this case her and Shi Kyung, didn’t quite materialize. As she approached the positively perplexed Shi Kyung, and doing some really ludicrous action worthy of being thrown out, she was disappointed to realize that Shi Kyung cannot remember her.

We also caught a glimpse of Jin Ah’s subtle bitcheness. Seeing Shi Kyung’s cellphone falling out of Aileen’s pocket, she picked it up and put two and two together. In seconds, she realized Aileen was the one who rescued Shi Kyung and the one Shi Kyung was looking for. But if Aileen thought she will tell Shi Kyung, she was in for a big surprise. When she approached Shi Kyung to return his cellphone, she made it look like she picked it up and rescued her. Aileen, her eyes bulging, insisted that it was her who saved him. For her effort, he got thrown out of the party.

Of course, Shi Kyung couldn’t possibly remember Aileen. The guy was out of commission when they kissed. Besides, they were underwater. Who could possibly remember someone they met underwater? But let us allow Aileen this naivety, she was afterall fresh out of fresh water. She was now slowly realizing that she was now in a quite different world. And in this world, truth can be manipulated, lies could be passed off as the truth.

100 days

Poof! Gone.


The broken-hearted Aileen met up with Ahn Man Nyeo, and rescued to give her the potion so she could be back to her oblivious, admittedly boring, but happy life as a mermaid. But Ahn Man Nyeo was deadly silent. He does not have another potion.

In the middle of their conversation, a hysterical woman approached them. She was an ex-mermaid who decided to become human. But apparently there was a catch to the magic potion, it comes with a warning label. The mermaid could become a real human being if, and only if, they find true love in 100 days. The woman failed to find her true love in 100 days, and so right in front of their eyes.

Serving as a solemn background that could scare her wits away, Ahn Man Nyeo said, “Remember this, you’ll be a real human being in 100 days, or turn into bubbles like that”. Gulping, Aileen couldn’t believe the fate she brought upon herself

And so Aileen had to find true love in a 100 days, or risk turning into the bubbles of nothingness. If only it was so easy to find true love. But we knew it wasn’t, really.


Forced to live as human now, Ahn Man Nyeo brought Aileen into the Share House and named her Kim Ha Ni. But the woman had been swimming in the not-yet-polluted depths of the Han River for years, would she have the guts to survive in the world of human beings?

Maybe. Meantime, she has 98 days to live.


The Idle Mermaid aired in TVN South Korea in 2014. In the Philippines, the tagalized version airs in GMA-7 weekdays. Watch it online at

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