Review: The Idle Mermaid Ep 05

Title: The Idle Mermaid/Surplus Princess/The Mermaid

Cast: Jo Bo-ahOn Joo-wanSong Jae-rimPark Ji-sooAhn Gil-kangKim Seul-gieKim Min-kyoNam Joo-hyuk, Lee Sun-kyu

Last episode, we saw our protagonists struggled to get the coveted internship spot at the JH Food. They did all the things that would-be employees do to get inside; join an elite study group and tap their contacts inside. However, reality dictates that if you wanted to enter a company, these underhanded-almost-cheating techniques wouldn’t really get you far. Especially if you don’t have all the needed qualifications for the job you’re applying for.

For all intents and purposes, Jin Ah was correct. What can our protagonists give to the company that will make them an asset and therefore employable? Truth be told, they’re not showing very great qualifications, nor do they show great talent.

However, humans (and even newly transformed humans) were strange creatures. The more you belittle them, the more they get challenged. The more you tell them they’re hopeless, the more they find reasons to prove you wrong.

Can our surplus bummers prove the naysayers (audience like me alike) wrong?

A Drunken Kiss



If there’s one thing that we could admire about the Surplus bummers, it is their genuine and happy friendship. Similarly, if there is one thing that we could praise Ha Ni for, it is her adorable fearlessness. A fearlessness that allowed her to plant a hot kiss (and a good pinch-in-the-bum) on gorgeous Shi Kyung. Something that good girls would be too embarrassed to do so. So while the prim and proper Jin Ah was trying to obtain Shi Kyung’s affection through prim and proper ways, Ha Ni’s aggressive ways are getting Ski Kyung’s attention bit by bit. Of course, Ha Ni did all this while drunk, and therefore had the convenient alibi of not being herself. And from what we could see, Shi Kyung was not complaining.

The persistent Ha Ni, buoyed by Hye Young’s encouragement, was getting closer and closer to her target; Shi Kyung’s love. However, she was dealing with a double-edged sword because as she move to make Shi Kyung remember her she was also moving close to revealing her half-fish self. And as Hye Young pointed out, not all would love her for it.





In this episode, we also learned how Shi Kyung coped with prosopagnosia or face blindness. In order to help him identify the people, he kept a recorder in a shape of a pen. He dictated the characteristics, voices, and unique facts about the people to help him in identification.

Jin Ah picked up his pen recorder and therefore found about his secret.

As the head chef of a top corporation, this sickness could prove to be challenging for Shi Kyung. As he was about to go out to meet up with Ha Ni, an urgent situation came up. In here, he was forced to remember the names of important people or risk offending them and smearing his reputation. Jin Ah, proving to be quite praiseworthy in this scene, came to his rescue. Using her lipstick, she dictated the names of the dignitaries and therefore saved Shi Kyung.

It might surprise us that instead of being eternally grateful, Shi Kyung yelled at Jin Ah for being arrogant. Why? What accounted for it? It was simple. People like Shi Kyung, who had worked hard to be the best in their field, hate to be pitied. To accept their weakness was the hardest thing for them to do. Thus, getting that weakness laid out, and being pitied because of that, was excruciating.

But Jin Ah did not help him because she pitied him. She did that because she liked him. What did Shi Kyung felt at this revelation? We could only guess.

Meanwhile, Ha Ni was left waiting for Shi Kyung at the restaurant where they agreed to meet up.

Quality Is A Must




Slide11 In all aspects of life, quality should be a must.

Ahn Man Nyeo showed it best when he refused to sell a not-so-good takoyaki to a customer, who happened to be the CEO of JH Food Corporation. Being the shrewd businesswoman that she was, she told Ahn Man Nyeo, “If you throw out all of this (takoyakis), you’ll waste a lot of money.” Ahn Man Nyeo replied, “It’s better than losing customers by selling crappy food”. And the great CEO learned a valuable lesson from a humble takoyaki seller.

Meanwhile, an older housemate and a law batchmate of Ji Yong visited the Surplus House. He turned out be amazing (had started his own law firm) that Ji Yong, in a bid to make himself looked less of a loser, pretended to work for the JH Corporation. His roommates could only roll their eyes in exasperation. Now, Ji Yong had another reason to get inside JH Food, or else be tagged as a lying loser.

But things kept going the wrong direction. In a rift between Hyun Myung and Ji Yong, the latter decided to commission a resume writer (worth 20K Kwon each) to write an impressive resume for him, Big, and Ha Ni. What promised to be a professionally written resume, turned out to be a money-making scam. (Tale of caution for all of us internet users!)

Undeterred, the group decided to do something amazing to capture the attention of JH Food. They shall sell takoyaki for a day, and will do charity. They prepared well for it. They wore their ridiculous Avengers costumes and were getting lots of customers, the CEO of the JH Corporation among them. Except they tell their customers that all the proceeds will go to a sick Ahn Man Nyeo. Their lies unraveled most ridiculously when Ahn Man Nyeo stepped in, way too healthy, and the CEO discovered their lies. Sun Jae came in and uncovered Ji Yong’s pretensions. It was, to say the least, a disaster.

We get to see Ji Yong’s difficulties. Fourteen years ago, he was an exceptional boy who just managed to get inside the Seoul’s best law school. He thought that by now, his life would be amazing. But somewhere along the way, it all changed. He got so addicted to internet games. And his life did not move on from then.


But what Ji Yong lacked, he made up for amazing friends, who knew exactly how to make him smile, no matter what. And he could cook really tasty ramen.


The Idle Mermaid aired in TVN South Korea in 2014.  It’s available online at Yey!

Watch out for “Review: The Idle Mermaid Ep 06!” Thanks for dropping by! 🙂


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