Can anyone who speaks the language teach the language?

After doing development work for years right after graduating from college, I have decided to go back to my roots and my core strengths which are writing, teaching, and facilitating. 

In order to sharpen my skills and to better guide my students and learners, I am taking up the Teach English Now! (TESOL Certification) that is being offered by Coursera and Arizona State University.

I am really amazed at how technology and Coursera are making learning so much easier for people like me who want to advance their skills. Because of the online distance learning, I can continually attend to my responsibilities at home and at work, yet can take up specialization as well.

For the first coursework, the course poses the following question, “Can anyone who speaks the language teach the language?” Is it enough to just know the language in order to teach it? Or is it not?

In this video, I attempt to answer that question.


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