Gratitude Journal #2: Helpful Nica

(c) Danica Aguiflor’s FB page (taken w/o permission)

As I promised to myself, I will keep a gratitude journal everyday (or for as long as there’s wifi). Today, I am grateful for Danica Aguiflor’s friendship.

I am blessed with a lot of friends. Each one is unique and special (and I’ll probably write about each and everyone at some point here). The value that friends has given in my life is unquantifiable.

Today, knowing how important the information that I’m asking for to me, she went out of her way to find the information that I’m looking for. She didn’t really need to. She could have let it be since she had things to do on her own anyway. Yet, she didn’t. So, I got the information I needed.

She might have done it unconsciously, as one of those things that we do for our friends. But today, I’m going to take that simple gesture, highlight it, and thank her for it.

How do I know that I have found a friend? To me, it’s when another person’s action is a concretization of her genuine care and concern for me. And like in all other important matters, the genuine can always be found in the little gestures and spontaneous action.

On my part, this is my way of saying thank you. 

PS Danica is beautiful, single and hardworking. So, if you want her number, just pm me. Haha.


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