Gratitude Journal: Straight Ahead

Image (c) Northwest Baptist Church

Today, I thank God for letting me start my journey as an educator.

After months of being tired, I wished and prayed for a job that will allow me to slow down, create an impact, and refocus on my core strengths which are teaching, training, and writing. Through hard work, stubborn determination, and graceful acceptance of sacrifices, all of those things are finally aligning and coming true, in God’s perfect time.

Apprehensions and Indecisiveness

I realize that I have always been an educator. When I was in college, I tutored students on English to support my studies. While waiting for fulltime jobs, I taught students who were entering college. It became my go-to and money-pronto job. But, I never really wanted teaching to become my career.

There are various reasons for that. One, I am an introvert. I dread being in front of a lot of people, especially tweeners and teenagers, all the time. People thought that I wasn’t, that I’m gregarious and madaldal. I am all of those, and an introvert.

Second, when I was younger, I was reluctant to teach immediately. Back then, I was too young. I thought that I could not teach wisdom picked up from experiences. I will be someone who just read the textbooks first and graduated first.

Third, I submitted applications but took them back because I’m afraid teaching would confine me. I want to experience different things. I want to learn different things, to know what’s good and what’s bad, to pick up skills that can only be learned from doing things.

Educator & Beyond

But then, I was wrong. Or maybe today is really just the right time to start being a legit educator because I now have counterpoints to the things that kept me from choosing to be a teacher.

I can handle my introversion better. Now, I can deal with them and surpass them, to slowly open my heart to people who are, for a short bit of time at least, trusting me to guide them. Teaching terms in De la Salle had galvanized the values of teaching for me, making me realize more strongly why people, despite the seeming low-wages (Please, Philippines, be kind to your teachers!), are still choosing the profession. Because it is noble.

I’m much older now and acquired a few bits and tricks that can enrich my teaching. I think tweeners and teeners can learn a thing or two from their a bit older millenial teacher.

And I realize that being a teacher will not confine me. On the contrary, there will be free time that will allow me to write, to blog, to build my brand. I am going to be a teacher but I am also going to be a writer. I am going to produce books, written based on my experiences and the people around me. These books will reflect the lessons I learned from my mistakes, my blunders, my hatred, my poverty, my failed relationships. But, it will also reflect hope and love, of me, of the inspiring people that I meet in my daily lives.

I am going to write about people who writes, about their stories and the value of their stories. I am going to write about people and their life stories. [Please read my bylines in The Sunday Times Magazine (Manila Times)!]

I am going to continue being a development worker, too. Soon, me and my friends will train people, young adults, new professionals or even ALS students, on technical and business writing. We will teach them skills that they can use to make themselves be more marketable to employees. Soon.

I thank God for friendships and networks that are built years ago and fortified by years and common passion.

And so today, I’m giving back all glory to God, He who makes me resilient and happy and thankful.



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