Chesca Sebastian’s art: Delicate and Sweet

For the relaunching of my children/tween/YA fiction “Alona’s Quest for the Golden Tree”, I collaborated with an artist friend to redesign the cover. Chesca Sebastian‘s design ensured that readers will immediately imbibe the story’s colorful vitality and adventurous spirit from the get-go!

You might be curious about the cover design of the book? Well, hang on for a while. Let’s get to know the artist first through some of her tasteful masterpieces!

Chesca‘s designs always exude delicate sweetness. They never shy away from the combustion of colors. Yet, they always manage to provide just the right amount of restraint so that the final products remain polished and elegant. Her designs celebrate both the beauty of nature and the alluring charm of femininity.

Here are some of her works:



(c) Chesca Sebastian


Properly intrigued about our artist (IG:@chescabeb)? See more of her works here!

Curious about what Chesca‘s magical hands cooked up for #AlonasQuestForTheGoldenTree? Hold on to that!

The new cover of #AlonasQuestForTheGoldenTree will be revealed on Oct. 14, 2016! Mark your calendars! 😀


#AlonasQuestForTheGoldenTree is the story of two children’s brave, yet maybe a little too reckless, search for the Golden Tree. It will be available both as an E-BOOK and as a PRINT Book soon on 11.19.2016!



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