Story meant to be told: “Lion’s Flaming Headdress”

Illustrated by Chesca Sebastian

As a writer (and now a teacher), I have a very simple desire. I want my stories to be read by children/people. I want my stories to shape the perspective of the next generation. (That’s kind of ambitious pala, now that I think about it.)

As part of the Book Month celebration of Domuschola International School last October 2016, I had the honor of telling my story, “Lion’s Flaming Headdress”, to our elementary students. As the kids listened, I was amazed at how these kids could be so innocent yet so wise and so sharp.

Lion’s Flaming Headdress” traces the origin of the conflict between the Lion and the Rabbit. According to this story, the two used to be best friends. It is weird for a predator and a prey to be friends, as the Domuschola students aptly pointed out. Yet, with companionship and easy camaraderie, nothing is impossible, really. So the Lion and the Rabbit can become best of friends, able to easily put aside their animal instincts.

What turned their relationship around? Can jealousy and betrayal really destroy such an epic friendship? Curious about the story, read it here!

Snapshots during the Storytelling event




At the end of that day, when the kids realized that betrayal and jealousy might have been the reason for the conflict between the Lion and the Rabbit, I could tell myself that I had accomplished my mission.

Lion’s Flaming Headdress” is originally published in Ani 39, the literary journal of the Cultural Center of the Philippines. The author’s next children/tween/YA fiction is “Alona’s Quest for the Golden Tree“.