Cover Art Illustration: Chesca Sebastian

#AlonasQuestForTheGoldenTree is the story of two children’s brave, yet maybe a little too reckless, search for the Golden Tree.

It will be available both as an E-BOOK and as a PRINT Book soon on 11.19.2016!
PRE-ORDER Link for the PRINT BOOK: https://goo.gl/forms/vMj0gmsGORTSRglD2


Check out what reviewers are saying:

“I just completed Amihan and the Quest for the Golden Tree [ Now “Alona’s Quest for the Golden Tree”] by Herbel Santiago. It is a very charming tale, set in an island barrio, Dimasalang, Masbate in the Philippines…I found the story to have a very appealing innocence with several funny scenes. At the same time, other not so innocent elements come into play such as domestic and non-domestic violence, abandonment, and poverty. “

— Steve King, Author of “You Can Go Home Again”

“I was really absorbed and amazed how the story and the life of Amihan [Now Alona] went on. ..The story really gives a lot of moral lessons…Because in this generation, little by little the kindness we have, [are] almost dropping. Amihan [Now Alona] …was brave enough to show her kindness to everyone.”

Nicay Seyer


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